Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide 2020

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You can be part of up to 5 guilds in ESO, so even if you already have a group of friends or are part of a raiding or dungeon-running guild, you still have 3-4 slots left, which you can fill up with various trading guilds

As you journey across Tamriel, you will come across many, many items. You will find many items that may not necessarily be useful to you, but are highly prized by other ESO players. Conversely, you may want certain items that other players already have. Trading these items between players makes up the foundation of the ESO in-game economy.

Trading Tips and Tricks

This is the most important tip which will establish your main source of income. You can be part of up to 5 guilds in ESO, so even if you already have a group of friends or are part of a raiding or dungeon-running guild, you still have 3-4 slots left, which you can fill up with various trading guilds. These guilds often advertise themselves in the Zone chats of the different areas, so your best bet is to keep an eye for their ads or state that you are looking for a trading guild.

There are two important factors to consider when joining such guilds – their weekly requirements and their trader NPC’s location. Since trading guilds have to bid on the rights to use various NPC traders on every Sunday, the more popular locations cost several millions of gold per week. In turn, the more prominent and successful guilds impose weekly requirements upon each of their members. Currently as of Summerset, these requirements range from sales worth 5,000 gold / week to even 100,000 gold / week.

There are guild trader NPCs scattered across the world, even in remote locations – but the most popular ones are in major cities like Wayrest, Daggerfall, Mournhold, Elden Root and Rawl’kha. Naturally, these ones have the most traffic, meaning it is easier to sell items through them, but the guilds occupying these NPCs might have higher requirements. When deciding to join a guild, consider how much you play and what kinds of items can you usually sell within an average Monday-Sunday period.

Actually putting up items for sale is simple: visit any Banker NPC in any of the cities, and select Guild Store. There, you can browse your guild store’s offerings and put up items for sale.

The default Guild Trader windows is very barebones, so a recommended addon is AwesomeGuildStore, which comes with a better UI and some additional, albeit local-only filters. By default, Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t even let you filter on item names, but with the aforementioned addon, you can at least filter the currently shown results.

Learn the prices! Do your research to avoid losing money on purchases or by missing the best occasions because of the lack of Price knowledge.

Consider using Add-ons, they will help you smooth out the Trader search process. There are some great ESO Trader add-ons available, just look for them (we don’t want to advertise third-party software here so we will not list any, but we recommend you check the official game forums).

Check the less popular Merchants from time to time. The reasoning behind this is as follows: Mostly inexperienced Players post items below their regular Market prices and those players often do not know which Merchants are the most popular, so they post their Items in random places.

Farming in Deshaan Tips and Tricks

Optimize your farming path; this will save you some of the time needed for traveling between Bosses’ locations.

Always make sure you are selling obtained loot for the optimal price! Some green items may be worth much more than Purple ones if they have the desired traits on them.

Don’t get daunted by bad RNG, just try other money-making activities and come back to the Deshaan whenever you feel lucky.

PvP Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

Always try to win, as winning gives you the highest AP bonus.

Don’t forget to set your Character up properly (a dedicated PvP build and gear will make a great difference).

Use consumables! They will require some extra investment at the start but will let you perform better, so the invested Gold will be turned into even more profits.

As mentioned before, always check the Market to determine what gear/items can be turned into the highest profit.

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