Expect the ball to be lighter than normal

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Expect the ball to be lighter than normal

Psyonix has pushed the tribute until reintroducing the physics of the ball of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars - only in the Throwback Stadium arena, which will be introduced in the other modes via a future major update. The studio explains, "Expect the ball to be lighter than normal. The position of the cages to score goals is also different, as you can see in the picture of the stadium. Of course, it will be possible to unlock festive cosmetics for the duration of the event with balloons to win in online matches. On the menu: wheels or hats shaped cake. This time, it's not a lie.

Rocket League is still with the hangover after his birthday party. The title of Psyonix, with more than 46 million users around the world, met three years ago three years ago, and did so with the intention of continuing to fulfill many more. The studio is preparing another revolution for the game in the form of a new progression system called "Rocket Pass", but until they finish implementing it they have decided to focus their attention on offering fans some data that they kept with suspicion. We talk about the percentage of probabilities that we have at the time of obtaining an object or another when opening one of the loot boxes of the game.

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