The patch is rolling out to all platforms today

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The patch is rolling out to all platforms today

Undisputed success of Psyonix, the independent studio has announced the launch of its flagship title with all the downloadable content published so far. The Ultimate Edition will consist of the base game, as well as the content of the Collector's Edition along with the additional downloables released later. In this way, 16 packs of thematic content for cars along with other cosmetics will be part of the garage of the compilation. Rocket League: Ultimate Edition will arrive next August 31 to Nintendo Switch. Also in physical format, will have a price of 49.99 $ in North America in the absence of confirming the corresponding in our territory.

Psyonix has pushed out its biggest Rocket League update of, and it includes a number of new features and content as well as a beta version of the Tournaments system. The patch is rolling out to all platforms today.The big addition in this update is Tournaments. This is a multiplayer feature that enables groups of people to create and participate in an organized event from within Rocket League. While the car-soccer game debuted in 2015 and is ideal for organized play, you had to use external tournament platforms that did not have a lot of integration with Rocket League.

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