When you reach the stage 70, you gain the glaives

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Feral tanks can transfer DPS into item racks and RuneScape gold tanks can swap DPS to item racks and DPS cats can utilize it with ease. The difference in skills between tanks and the best DPS cat is just two or three points. It's not worth focusing on feral DPS.

There is more utility. Personally, I'm at peace and would not want to be at 500-600 DPS when grouped with me. It's just to point out that tanking is a huge benefit.

One of the issues I have is that I'm unable to do my full rotation on some mobs, because the hunter/mage/lock are clearing everything. .... Raids are much more powerful in total dps, although not quite as high as pure DPS but much lower than Dungeons.

It's normal, you won't challenge AOE as I'm sure you know. The world today is comparing everything to the most efficient parsing circle jerks available, so it doesn't matter. You could be a great DPS tank and switch to DPS with bosses. The majority of players speak exclusively Parse and BiS in the mainline now. They take about 10 minutes longer to take on a fight that was made more difficult by utility.

If the feral will not ever bear (which is very troll-like as well) they'll still get crit buff, innervate, ff if no boomie. They also have a mangle debuff that applies to anyone with bleeds, brez and perform the same damage as Rogue. Rogue can only be effective when they are the sole raider and have good IEA uptime.

Guild demands that I be a Boomkin in the near future. I'm currently trying to create my Boomie set. I was originally focusing on Resto, and that set was almost exactly what I was looking for. What I've got is a mix of heroic drops, raid discards, and reputation purchase. This is particularly important when it comes to HSP. All other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I realize that I'm late, but it is unlikely that I'll ever make it there with this speed.

When you reach the stage 70, you gain the glaives. You can then go through lengthy sequences of daily quests/dungeon/battlegrounds as well as weekly Kara runs to boost the effectiveness of your warglaives over the course of time. When BT is launched, a catch-up mechanic is added which tracks all players' progress up to the level at which you've gotten the entire expansion.

The Horseman's Steed was the same. While it was not on sale during Halloween, it was a rather rare release. The Horseman's Steed is my favorite because I'm not a fan of the Horse with Wings models. The Legion Paladin charger is one of cheap OSRS gold the only other horses that do not use the Winged Horse model (the Wind Steed is another but might not match the aesthetics you're after)).