I figure it should rain now and later in Runescape

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Today, however, legal (at jagex dot.com sent me an email. They claimed that they had evidence that I had traded runescape items or accounts in real-life RS 3 Gold. Yes, this is real. (By the side, I've never purchased anything. This isn't too important. I'm just trying to let people understand that I'm incapable of performing this. They warned me they would be monitoring and reporting about my account. If it persists, they could bring me to the court.

Signed and signed by Jagex Mod Mark. (thought it was odd) This made my heart beat. That's where the tale becomes a little baffling. The email contained an email asking me to log into my account so that I can monitor the state of my account. It's clear that I can't log into.

It is time to reform the system so it is able to be used in PvP. The current system of combat is too strong and offensively-based for PvP. Maybe adding in some more defensive capabilities and reducing the strength of attack capabilities at the very least in the presence of players could be a step in the right direction. Naturally, I'd be open to any suggestions made by players. Jagex has always done this, even if not at 100 percent effectiveness.

We've already completed one world event and we're more than halfway through the second, so I think it's a good moment to compare the two and decide which one we like better. The first was my favorite, partly because I was able to participate in it and it was a brand new event OSRS Gold For Sale. The game was nerfed, however. Here are a few more reasons.