Should we be concerned that the Chiefs are last in the AFC West?

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Should we be concerned that the Chiefs are last in the AFC West?

However, there are some teams that Mut 22 coins should not panic. Let's take a look at some examples and assess them on a scale of 1-10 for terror.

The first thing to do is hope that all is in order for Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who was taken to a hospital after the game in an ambulance after the team was not feeling well. He's been released from the hospital, however the way Peter King described it on NBC Sports makes it sound perhaps a little more complicated than we've been led to believe in light of the statements made by the Chiefs declared following the game. Reid's health is a priority over all else, of course. It's important to consider whether Reid might miss time given that the Chiefs are currently last in the AFC West, and given that the Chiefs have dropped below.500 since Week 10 , 2015, so it's worth asking how serious this situation could be.

Kansas City is not good defensively at the moment. While the Chiefs gave up only 352 yards in total to the Chargers on Sunday, L.A. dropped 30 on them and Justin Herbert and Co. failed to stop Justin Herbert on the last drive.

K.C. 's schedule is a little alarming as well. There are the Bills, Titans and Packers -and all three are in the process of putting together a solid offensively -- are all lurking in the coming six weeks. The Chiefs are lucky to have three quarters to play in the NFC East in the same stretch without ever having to take on the Cowboys. If the defense fails to buy Madden 22 coins find a way to solve the problem Patrick Mahomes' offense can guarantee three points over that stretch. They'll probably get around 5-1. We're not going to be astonished in several months. The roster isn't without flaws, but the rest of the league is playing good football.