WoW Best Inscription Leveling Guide

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WoW Shadowlands Inscription Profession Leveling Guide

This is the Shadowlands Inscription profession guide. We will show you how to level Inscription beginning at 1-100, and how to craft Darkmoon Decks.

Inscription Changes in Patch 9.1.5

Glyphs finally make a reappearance in Shadowlands 9.1.5, with new glyphs that are suitable for Druid flight types. There are four basic forms (Raven, Runestag and Ardenmoth) Each with two colors.

This glyph needs Legion Inscription (10) and the reputation of a Legion faction.

Technique: Mark of the Duskwing Raven is a requirement to be honored with Dreamweavers

These glyphs are subject to Shadowlands Inscription.

Technique: Mark of the Midnight Runestag requires Revered with The Wild Hunt

Technique: Mark of the Twilight Runestag - requires Revered with The Wild Hunt

Technique: Mark of the Sable Ardenmoth is a requirement to be honored by the Court of Night

They also require Shadowlands Inscription, however they can be available through other ways:

Technique: Mark of the Gloomstalker Drebat - Sold by Ta'tru at the Revendreth Night Market for 25 Porous Stone/way 51.0 78.8

Technique: Mark of a Regal Dredbat – drops in Dominance Keep

The missing Raven technique isn't yet understood, but the datamined image has been discovered. Even though the recipe for Mark of the Shimmering Ardenmoth was datamined, the origin is not known.

What's the use of Inscription in Shadowlands?

Inscription has been criticized for being somewhat lackingluster when compared to other professions. This was especially true when Glyphs were eliminated from the position and replaced with more cosmetic ones. But, thanks to some significant adjustments, Inscription will be far more useful in Shadowlands than it has been in the past!

Missives can be used to specify secondary Armor stats. They are extremely sought-after since the armor that is crafted can hold two slots that can be used for secondary stats. Only Inscriptionists are allowed to make these.

Darkmoon Decks are simpler to create by introducing blank cards, which can be inserted into a deck to replace an unidentified missing card. This makes them simpler to assemble.

Contracts are back and helps players increase their factions in zones.

Making Gold through Inscriptions from Shadowlands

Several new flight-form Glyphs have been added to Patch 9.1.5. These Glyphs will be highly sought-after by Inscriptionists in the beginning when they are looking to get on the ground floor!

Blizzard made it clear at the conclusion of BfA that pre-Shadowlands Tomes, and Codexes that are used to change abilities outside of a resting zone, would be limited to players who are who are 49 or younger. Anyone who needs Tomes or Codexes to play Shadowlands will have to purchase the latest version, and not depend on previous expansions. This could provide a reliable income stream for any character who is leveling up in Shadowlands.

Darkmoon Decks are also very popular. They are a great starter product with an iLevel 200. You are also likely to receive an item if you play the Korthian Accessory (introduced 9.1.5), which gives you only an opportunity to obtain one.

Inscriptionists are the last, but certainly not least, the only source for Missive Optional Reagents. This allows crafters to establish secondary stats for made gear. A majority of crafted gear permits you to make use of two Missives (you aren't able to duplicate) So a range of Missives can be an excellent and reliable source of revenue.

Learning Shadowlands Inscription

Shadowlands Inscription is available by Scribe Au'tehshi (36.5 and 36.7) and is the Inscription Instructor in the Hall of Shapes (Oribos) which is the city that hosts Shadowlands. Nearby you will also locate Distributor Au'sha who sells Inscription supplies, and Distributor Au'bic, the Ink Trader who will trade Umbral Ink for other types of ink in all expansions. Scribe Au'tehshi will teach most of the Inscription recipes.

The ability to write in Shadowlands is a range of 1-100.

Recipes for Inscriptions and Reputations

Inscription is the profession with the most recipes of all professions that require reputations in order to obtain:

Technique: Codex of the Still Mind requires Friendly with the Ascended

Technique: Ascended Contract to be Reveered by the Ascended

Technique: Contract with the Undying Army is required to be to be recited with the Undying Army

Technique Contract Wild Hunt - must be Revered with Night Fae

Technique: Contract: Court of Harvesters - requires that the contract be read aloud by Court of Harvesters

Crafter's Mark II - requires Cordial with Ve'nari from The Maw

Shadowlands Inscription Parts

Much of this will seem familiar to familiar Inscriptionists using a mass milling of herbs and creating Inks. Shadowlands introduces a brand new parchment for all Shadowlands Inscription items that require paper.

Shadowlands Inscription Inks

Inks are produced by blending Pigments, which are produced by grinding Shadowlands herbs. Luminous Pigment, Umbral Pigment, and Tranquil Pigment are the result of milling 10x of any type of Shadowlands plants. Tranquil Pigment is around 30 percent higher likely to be discovered while milling Nightshade.

Shadowlands Inscription Items

Unless stated otherwise, Inscription recipes are learned from the Inscription Trainer in Oribos.

There are currently no identified Glyphs within Shadowlands.

Shadowlands Inscription Contracts

Each Contract permits you to earn a little bit of fame with your desired reputation once you complete the World Quest. To learn how to create the Contract, you must have at minimum a Reputation with your target reputation. These can be obtained through the Quartermaster of the relevant reputation.

Shadowlands Inscription Darkmoon Decks, Cards and Wildcards

Four brand new Darkmoon decks are an important component of Shadowlands Inscription. Darkmoon Decks all have On Use effects that have a three-minute cooling time, which is different from BfA and Legion when they were Darkmoon Decks were either passive or had procs.

Darkmoon Card of Death creates mostly random Darkmoon cards from each of the four suits. Sometimes, it creates blank cards like Blank Card Of The Indomitable or Blank Card of Voracity, Repose card blank or Repose blank card, and Blank card of Putrescence. These cards can be used as wild cards and can be used to substitute for any missing card that is needed to create the specific deck.

You'll need to mix Ace and 2-8 cards of the deck to build decks.


Darkmoon Deck - Indomitable +61 AGI and STR. Use: Cover yourself with a five shields. When you attack, you break one shield, decreasing the damage taken from the attack by 428-1284. The amount of damage reduced is based on the highest card in the deck. It lasts for 10 seconds. This card is made of the Darkmoon Card of the Indomitable.

Caster DPS

Darkmoon Deck: Putrescence +61 INT. Utilize: This causes the target to explode, dealing 10667 Shadow Damage to all enemies within 10 meters. Hit enemies are 4.28-12.84 percent more likely to be severely hit by you. The topmost card in the deck determines the critical strike probability. It lasts for 10 seconds. This card is made from Darkmoon Card of Putrescence.

Melee DPS

Darkmoon Deck: Voracity +61 AGI or STR. Remove Haste from the target and empower yourself to do the same. The amount drained depends on the topmost card in the deck. It lasts for 10 seconds. It was created from Darkmoon Card of Voracity


Darkmoon Deck - Repose +61INT Use: Create a healing web to the side, healing allies who are in contact with it to gain 7147. The size of the web will depend on the card that is the highest within the deck. The web was constructed from Darkmoon Card of Repose

Shadowlands Inscription Vantus Runes

This information comes from Vantus Rune Technique Castle Nathria. It's a random drop of bosses from Castle Nathria. Vantus Rune Technique: Sanctum of Domination is random drops from bosses within the Sanctum of Domination.

Shadowlands Inscription Optional Reagents

Shadowlands brings many changes to professions and one of the most exciting is Optional Reagents! Optional Reagents allow players to customize crafted armor, weapons and jewelry.

Inscription's worth in Shadowlands will come from its ability to make some of the most in-demand optional agents: those that can determine an additional stat for an item of armor Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, or Versatility.

Shadowlands: Leveling Inscription

It is crucial to keep a large inventory of herbs in your possession before you can level Inscription. It doesn't matter what herbs you pick (milling isn't specific to herbs) So you'll be able to discover them everywhere and browse for the Auction House to find the most competitive price. The most crucial part of achieving 100 is the lastone, and you won't need Tranquil ink from Nightshade.

The ink you purchase is more expensive than the type you'd require for mass-milling or leveling up is more effective. There are numerous options for Missives. It is important to evaluate the different types of ink you have to find the most effective recipe.