NY Jets Quarterly Report: Q2

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NY Jets Quarterly Report: Q2 NY Jets Quarterly Report: Q2

The Jets started off relatively strong with a 2-2 start to season in the first quarter. After a 3 game losing streak, the Jets sit at 3-5 with any playoff aspirations on life support. This is still far better than most analysts predicted for the Jets as they have already equaled their estimated win total in the first half of the season. Still, it comes as a big disappointment as the Jets have blown 4th quarter leads against 3 consecutive winning teams, including blowing 2 multiple touchdown leads in back to back weeks. I never had much hope for the playoffs for the Jets, even when we had a winning record, so the repeated blown leads don't surprise me much, even if they are difficult to deal with come Monday. Fortunately the Jets have seen some great performances from a few young players and have shown that the cupboard isn't completely bare in this rebuilding process https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/36-Keyshawn_Johnson_Jersey.QuarterbacksI'm not going to waste much time here. McCown has been slightly better than I would have expected considering the dearth of talent around him, but he's still not very good. I'm not convinced that Petty or Hackenberg would be better, but their time has to be coming soon as the Jets fall out of contention. McCown has been just good enough to keep the Jets competitive and just bad enough to ensure they lose. Running BacksRunning back is not a position of strength for the Jets, but Powell and McGuire do give the Jets a couple of younger backs with something to offer a backfield. Forte has looked good as a dump off option, but this will almost certainly be his last year with the team and he is not a threat as a runner. This is a position that could use a truly elite player to help take pressure off the future QB while he has Powell and McGuire to spell him Sterling Johnson Jersey. The Jets backs all offer the same balanced package, but none of them have the pure speed or muscle to be feature backs. ReceiversThis is another position where there is some rather milquetoast talent, but no real standouts. Kearse is a decent 2 or 3 option while Robby Anderson is extremely inconsistent, but could develop into a great deep threat 2 option with a stud on the opposite side. Anderson seems to be drawing most of the CB1 coverage this season and has responded decently considering the circumstances, with his most recent performance coming in harsh conditions against a reasonably good CB1 in Demond Trufant. Stewart has shown some flashes as a possible slot option, but has been sparingly used while the Jets turn to Kerley to fill the role, which is not a great sign. Adding an elite receiver would really help everyone on offense, but you could say this about every offensive position. Tight EndsThe Jets appear to be in a much better position than I thought here, with somewhat encouraging performances from both ASJ and Eric Tomlinson. ASJ has looked pretty good in his comeback season and now accounts for 201 yards and 3TDs on 31 catches in 6 games. He has mostly been valuable on short routes and as a red zone target, but he has a lot to learn about blocking and has had contributed far too many holding calls for his limited receiving production. Tomlinson is hardly Tony Gonzalez and we shouldn't overreact to a few catches totaling about 100 yards, but he's a decent 2 blocking TE who has improved in that area and isn't worthless as a receiver. Both players are young and have room to grow, so they could keep the position competitive enough as the Jets continue to see what they have with the injured Leggett. The position has at least been elevated from the worst roster position in the league to about mediocre. The position is far from a strength, but it may at least be good enough for the Jets to focus on real problem areas.Offensive LineThe Jets offensive line is a lot better than I expected...and it's terrible. The left side of the line has been pretty decent, with the Carpenter and Beachum signings paying off for their relatively small price tags https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/321-Marqui_Christian_Jersey. They're not exactly world beaters, but they're playing above replacement level at the two most costly positions on the line. Johnson has been a train wreck at center, and I can't even count how many times I've seen him completely blown up in the run game, killing the run game. The right side of the line has not been very good despite a few decent, sporadic performances https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/318-Kenneth_Dixon_Jersey. The Jets need to start investing some day 1 or day 2 picks in the line, as they are bogged down by mid-late round picks that, although cheap, have not provided starting caliber or better players. While I like the strategy of investing day 3 picks in the line to get value on the cheap, it hasn't worked out with the specific picks made by Jets GMs. At some point, the Jets need to add some talent here. Defensive LineWhile considered a strength over the last decade, the Jets defensive line has mostly been a disappointment this year https://www.thejetsfanshop.com/325-Wyatt_Ray_Jersey. Leonard Williams has been very good, but hasn't gotten a lot of production out of his plays.