Unless u had atleast lvl70+ stats, barrows wouldnt be a good choice...

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And the first time I combat any new supervisors, I move completely empty so I don't risk anything, even though I know I'm likely to receive my head handed to OSRS gold me personally. So, I got past that puppy by doing Priest In Peril, however now I have to receive my Crafting around 25 so that I will pass through Burgh de Rott and continue east. As stated by the in-game map, there is a massive city just to the east of Burgh p Rott. To assess ur combat level, u kill the button with two swords, (one using the different atk fashions ). And see the battle lvl written there. Also ur cb lvl would be around 30 im guessing. . Barrows is where u kill 2 lvl 95s, and 4 lvl 115s. .

Unless u had atleast lvl70+ stats, barrows wouldnt be a good choice... As you would almost need more than 1 stock of pray pots and food simply to survive 1 of those 6 brothers... Which is simply awful... Additionally, any high lvl needs lvl43 prayer, which ought to be priority numero uno atm... Should not cost u 300k if ur gilding (not burying) large bones. . However, I ended up getting melee greater... Prolly cuz mage sux for combat, unless ur on ancient spellbook, which has really powerful spells, but they cost arround 1k each throw. Additionally, melee only rules! On barrows, however, Mage is much better, as the armour they use (the lvl115s) are some of/the highest melee defence in game. . With a very low magic defence. Also, prayer is one of the best skills u can train. . Totaly worth the cash... Keep training ur abilities up, but avoid grinding. . Enjoy the match.

Get complete torags with no hammer. Costs including under 900k. Its one of/ the highest melee def in sport. And much more affordable than veracs (veracs helm on its own is 900k+). . And brks entirely after 15hrs of battle. Then, you have to fix them, which prices thickly around 230k for the whole armour part. Next for a Wep, whip is fantastic for atk and def training, but find a Dragon Scimmy / Brackish blade for str.

Dragon scimmy is much cheaper than a brackish, (50k, instead of 500k) but needs completion of monkey madness. A saradomin sword is far better for Old School RS Gold str, but it prices 4m-5m, and that means you cant afford it. Its untradable however, and u need to kill cyclopes in the upper floor of the warriors guild to get them. .