Do you know? Genshin shock's new weapon is coming

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MiHoYo announced three new weapons, which will be used in Genshin Impact's next event wish update. Houma, the blade of the sword and the staff of the spear can be obtained through the "Ivory Call" banner.

Houma’s staff will gain the status of critical strike DMG, and its skills will increase the maximum health of the bearer, and then give 0.8% of the health as an ATK reward. When the health of the wielder is below 50%, this bonus is increased to 1%. Players who play the offensive team li may want to try to Buy Genshin Impact Account play for Homa Staff.

However, if the rumors about the upcoming Hu Tao rally are true, then the Homa Staff will be her supplement. According to the leak, the higher Hu Tao's maximum health value, the greater the blow to his skills; and when the Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts health value is lower than 50%, the elemental burst DMG will increase.

"Stone Blade" and "Stone Spear" will have ATK sub-attributes, but it is their skills that stand out from other weapons in Genshin Impact. They provide 7% ATK and 3% Critical Strike Rate for each monthly jump character in your team. For players with Keqing, this will be a wonderful weapon. Through a party composed entirely of Liyue characters, your sword users will gain an additional 28% attack power and 12% critical strike rate.

In addition to the "Horma Staff" and Lithic weapons, there will be more opportunities to obtain wolf tombstone clay through the Epitome Invocation update, which will be available from February 23, 2021 to March 16, 2021. Genshin Impact can be used on PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices.

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