The complete legal reasoning behind that conclusion

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The complete legal reasoning behind that conclusion

The complete legal reasoning behind that conclusion has been published. It spells out the way Jean-Bart took advantage of his place"to coerce or convince the [minor] female players to engage in sex with him, by promising to help or threatening to FIFA Mobile Coins hurt their football careers" -- even though he was presumed to be the guy ultimately entrusted with their well-being.

Jean-Bart would use a designed hospital visit for a pretext to take a player from this training center. The participant would then be driven to a resort or a different location, where the abuse allegedly happened.

1 victim told investigators:"Mr. Jean-Bart summoned me into his area. He then offered me the secret to another area. He handed me a purse of panties as a present. I immediately thanked him so I could move. He phoned me back and brought me closer to his physique. At that point, he began to touch me. When I realized what was happening, I pushed him and fled the area."

The gamers who denied Jean-Bart's advances were expelled from the training center and national staff. Since DW reported in October, Jean-Bart also confiscated their passports as a method of controlling them and preventing them from fleeing abroad.A second victim mentioned in the report said:"What I want is to get my passport back and my security is ensured. If Dadou understands that I have testified against him, anything could happen to me and my loved ones, because he knows where he can find me."

Investigators rejected Jean-Bart's argument that the allegations were a part of the orchestrated plot to oust him as being"quite tough to conceive." They also cast doubt on his claims he suffered from a health condition that meant that he was unable to have penetrative sex, stating in any case that"the idea of sexual abuse does not absolutely require coitus."

Nevertheless, researchers discovered that"the sexual conduct and requests from Mr. Jean-Bart ranged from inappropriate touching, to sexual abuse and harassment and, in the worst case of rape (and forced abortion)."

Evidence supplied by FIFPro, the buy FUT Coins worldwide players' union, revealed how systemic the misuse was, together with 34 possible victims and 10 possible perpetrators identified, such as 14 possible victims of Jean-Bart.